It is in nature’s beauty that I find solace and inspiration.
Always intrigued in the way light defines mood and affects color, my work has focused on those aspects in landscape and animal imagery.
Born and raised until the age of 6 in Cuba, I spent much of my early life exploring and relishing the outdoors. This early bond I developed with the land has been the main inspiration in life for me. After high school I set aside art to complete a MS in Horticulture and Landscape Design and worked in these professions for over 25 years.

Still,  memories fill my mind of the light, cast shadows and colors of Cuba; today those very effects continue to seduce me to paint. I create an impression, an interpretation of what I love.  
I started painting in 1996, and what continues to be inspiration  is nature and how the light can transform the ordinary into a scene of exquisite beauty.